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News Releases:
Chances of Children Experiencing Problems Following Divorce Depend on Mother's Parenting Style, Child's Temperament
Relocation of Children After Parents' Divorce May Lead to Long-Term Problems, Study Suggests
Media Messages Perpetuate, But Don't Initiate Eating Disorders, Say BYU Professors
UM study helps define why fewer women choose math-based careers
The Beat Begins Early in Life When it Comes to Children's Choice of Instruments: Boys Favor Drums and Horns, Girls Flutes and Violins
Hormones Are Important In Female Athletic Competition
Living Together Before Marriage: Now Common but Still Risky
Testosterone Levels and Marriage: High is Not All Bad
Women's Sexual Behaviors May Be Closer to Men's Than Previously Thought
Dating, Delinquent Friends Key Reasons Why Early Puberty Linked to Delinquency in Girls
Minority Women Perceive Information Technology Careers as Way to Promised Land
Pay of Both Men and Women Managers is Less When Managers’ Subordinates, Peers and Supervisors are Women, Study Finds
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